Kafka's Report to the Academy

, 2012-11-12

Kafka's, A Report To An Academy Performer: Adrin NeatrourDirector: Nazim Kourgli.Lighting: Bill OrmondDuration :60minsVenue Star & Shadow, Byker, Newcastle upon TyneThursday 8th November Kafka wrote this short towards the end of his life, it’s an enigmatic piece reversing his usual direction of travel from man to animal, the metamorphosis in this instant is from beast to man. Adrin Neatrour delivers a spell binding performance, grace, beauty and word perfect. Every grunt is choreographed, it's a ballet in which even the props are animated. Nazim Kourgli and Adrin Neatrour are to be congratulated in taking what is at best a dull read and moulding it into a piece demonstrating the power of theatre. The transformation is seamless man-ape-man in front of our eyes. The journey uncovers the depths to Kafka’s work which are simply unimaginable otherwise. How can an ape become a man? That thought needs no answer, its obvious. Why should he want to? We feel weknow by the time the lights fade.
Catch this if you can. Abdul Hamed