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We're quite proud of our past film programme, so here is some information about some of it:

Italian Neo-Realism Season (January 2007)

Ossessione + Stromboli + I Vitelloni

One film: Les Amants Reguliers (February 2007)

Great film from Philippe Garrel

Poetic Realism Season (March 2007)

La Grande Illusion + Le Jour se Leve + Une Partie de Campagne + Le Quai des Brumes + Pepe le Moko

Fred Wiseman Season (November 2008)

Hospital + Racetrack + Missile + State Legislature

Decades of Musicals (along 2009)

A year with one musical per decade every month: Show Boat + 42nd Street + Ziegfield Follies + An American in Paris + Jailhouse Rock + Kiss Me Kate + The Proud Valley + Les Demoiselles de Rochefort + The Sound of Music + New York New York + Fame + Top hat

Werner Herzog Film Season (January 2009)

Even Dwarves Started Small + Heart of Glass + Stroszek + Aguirre, Wrath of God + 2 Documentaries

Madness on Film (January 2009)

A Woman under the Influence + Repulsion + Naked + Open Film Night

Film accompanied by discussions with a psychoanalist

Rainer Werner Fassbinder (April 2009)

Fear Eats the Soul + Fox and His Friends + Chinese Roulette + The Marriage of Maria Braun

The first film was introduced by Dr Tobias Hochscherf, lecturer in film and specialist of German cinema.

The Underdog of the French New Wave: Eric Rohmer Film Season (June 2009)

The Romance of Astrea and Celadon + Shorts + Claire's Knee + My Night at Maud's + Pauline at the Beach

One of the nights was introduced by Dr Sarah Leahy, Film lecturer in French cinema, and most screenings were followed by a discussion with the Philosophy Society.

David Cronenberg Season (July 2009)

The Brood + Existenz + Scanners + Dead Ringers + Crimes of the Future + Stereo

Classic British Horror (October 2009)

Hammer Horror's Dracula + Peeping Tom + Tales from the Crypt + An American Werewolf in London + The Haunting

The films were introduced by Professor Peter Hutchings, lecturer in film and specialist of horror, and Gail Nina-Andersson, a film journalist and critic.

Agnes Varda Film Season (November 2009)

Cleo from 5 to 7 + One sings, the Other Doesn't + Vagabond + The Gleaners and I

Aki Kaurismaki: The Finnish Auteur (July 2010)

Calamari Union + Crime and Punishment + Ariel + Leningrad Cowboys + I Hired a Contract Killer + La Vie de Boheme

New Latin American Cinema (Nov 2010)

The Headless Woman + Hiroshima + Alamar + The Dog Pound (La Perrera) + Whisky

We selected some of these films because we saw them and met the directors at the Rotterdam Film Festival. We even had a great interview with Pedro Gonzalez Rubio (director of Alamar), who is an amazing person - you can read the interview here. We also totally loved Hiroshima, a fabulous Uruguayan film which never got distribution - very nice director too (Pablo Stoll).

Jane Arden Season (December 2010)

Separation + The Other Side of Underneath + Vibration & Anti-Clock

Chantal Akerman Season (March 2011)

Je tu il elle, Jean Dielman 23 rue quai du commerce, Les rendez-vous d'Anna, News from Home

Japanese Film Festival (April 2011)

Experimental Animation Night + Horror Animation Night + 2 recent Films

Mostly films with no distribution in the UK - season programmed in partnership with Zipangu Fest. The festival included 2 fabulous animation nights - a horror animation night + experimental animation.

VAMOS - Latin American Film Season (June 2010)

Birdwatchers + Gigante + Revolucion + Abel

Alien Nation: A Season of Cult British TV (July 2011)

Programmed by Dr James Leggott and supported by Northumbria University: The Stone Tape + Ghostwatch + Penda's Fen + The Exorcism + Shalcken the Painter - all nights introduced by specialists

weekender : free film festival ; classic-ephemeral-obscure (every bank holiday since august 2011)

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